Arden,  Bear, Brookhaven, Chadds Ford, Claymont, Delaware City,  Dover, Garnet Valley, Hockessin, Kennett Square, Lincoln University, Media, Middletown,  Newark,  New Castle,  Odessa, Ogden, Smyrna,  Swarthmore, Townsend,  Wilmington

"It has been the first time in years that I have not been bitten around the house. I have really enjoyed being outside." -- Bill S. -- Wilmington, DE

​"We are seeing a big difference in our yard.  We used to have a lot of daytime activity as well, and now my son can play in our backyard again!  We are thrilled!" -- Leslie W. -- Wilmington, DE

"Having the ability to be out in my yard for more than 10 minutes has been a dream.  And your customer service is exceptional.  Thank you so much!"  -- Cristina M. -- Wilmington, DE

​"Mosquito Mob got rid of the pesky mosquitoes and their prices are reasonable.  They are professional, courteous and kind.  I will be using this company in the many years to come." -- Earnie H. -- Dover, DE

"Your service made the party wonderful. No mosquitoes! Thank you." -- Wanda F. -- Ogden, PA

"At last, we have been able to sit outside in the evening and enjoy our back porch and garden!  In past 
summers, we have not been able to eat on our patio or take the kids outside to read stories after their 
baths because we needed to spray them.  Relief at last!  Mosquito Mob, you are our hero (seriously!).
My husband has also been a weeding machine-he wasn't out there for more than a minute last year b/c
 of the mosquitoes."  -- Karen K. -- Swarthmore, PA

"Thanks so much for keeping our yard free of bugs! It's been a great summer to be in the yard." -- 
Krista S. -- Wilmington, DE

​“Before you came out and sprayed,  we really couldn’t sit outside for any length of time.  Now we can sit out back for hours and are not covered in mosquito bites” -- Felicia C. -- New Castle, DE

"I sat out on the deck tonight reading the paper for probably an hour and a half, and NOT ONE mosquito bite. YAY! Well worth the money! Thank you!” -- Carolyn B. -- Newark, DE​

"Using Mosquito Mob was one of the best decisions we made this summer. We were able to enjoy being outside without being attacked by mosquitoes and other insects. Mosquito Mob was very punctual and professional. We will definitely be using their services again next year.” -- Sue Z. --Newark, DE ​

"The mosquitoes cleared up right away.  It is so nice to be able to use our deck in our shady wooded area." -- Jessica G. -- Arden, DE

"Mosquito Mob made it possible for me to sit outdoors in my back garden all day without getting bitten by mosquitoes,  so it made the summer far more enjoyable.  Thanks, Mosquito Mob!" -- Juliet D. -- Wilmington, DE

"In prior years, I was not able to work in my yard for very long due to mosquitoes.  Now, after the Mosquito Mob service,  I can work in my yard an unlimited time, mosquito free.  Their service is very courteous and professional.  I would recommend them." -- Brenda S. -- Middletown, DE

"Thanks for coming out so quickly & giving us such a reasonable estimate.  The mosquitoes were gone within hours and our Faerie Faire was bug free.   We are still enjoying the bug free benefits weeks

later." -- Bill and Laura -- Townsend, DE